Quality Loghouses from Estonia

Machine-profiled round logs.


This technology has been applied in the EU and overseas. Round logs allow faster and easier assembly and create a more rigid structure as the logs fit denser into the walls. This results in a solid wall, which will improve their insulating properties.

Machine profiled logs are smooth and rounded in shape, which allows achieving a tight connection. The logs will sit perfectly on top of each other and we can avoid gaps between them thanks to this manufacturing process.

The logs we produce are 180 – 230 mm in diameter. In addition to that, all log cabins will take around 2 years to settle. The settling should not exceed 2 – 4 mm per log by European standards.

 Round logs

Thanks for high accuracy manufacturing process we can avoid caps between the logs and that’s why logs are sitting perfectly on top of each other.With the same diameter and high surface quality logs does not require finishing.


tehnology_5NR 2


It takes some steps to turn trees into log:


  • 1. A tree goes through the milling machine to make it symmetrical
    2. Milled logs dry for about 10 days
    3. The logs go through a smoother milling machine to make into a perfect cylinder
    4.We make grooves underneath the log and crosscut logs in size
    5.We make stud locks, drill holes for electric and wooden pegs
    6. We treat every single log with an antiseptic liquid


All the necessary slots and locks in the current round log are mathematically calculated and performed with very high accuracy.

Now logs are ready to be packed and ready to dispatch factory.

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